Top Advice to Tenants Leaving Home for a Holiday

Vacationing is a part of the UAE lifestyle. With expats occupying the majority of the Emirates, it is quite natural that residents head out on holiday. 

An unoccupied house is vulnerable to theft and burglary. Though the chances for such an unfortunate incidence is scarce in the UAE, you cannot leave things to chance. As a property owner, you should ensure that the property is safe.

If your tenants are leaving home for vacation, make sure that you advise them about the below safety aspects.

  • Leave the lights on: Burglars are less likely to pay attention to an adequately lit house. Hence, you can advise your tenants to leave the exterior light on. The house can be installed with smart lights, which can be controlled using your smartphone. Thus, you can switch the light on/off at different times of the day, thus giving an impression that the house is occupied.
  • Set up an alarm system: You can set up an alarm system in the property or even ask your tenants to do the same. Your tenant will be notified when an unauthorized person enters the property. You can also ask the tenant to share the password of the system so that you can enter the property in case of an emergency. Password can safely be stored and retrieved using property management software UAE.   
  • Inform the neighbors: Your tenants can be advised to inform their neighbors about the vacation. The house keys can also be handed over to the neighbors so that they can visit the house in the absence of your tenant. They can be advised to switch on the light or pull back the curtain to create a feeling that the house is occupied.
  • Keep things safe: Leaving valuable items like a phone or a computer near a window can attract burglars. Advise your tenants to keep their valuables safe and not leave them in vulnerable places. Blinds can be installed in the house, especially those on the ground floor, to reduce visibility.
  • Get all the maintenance work done: If any maintenance work is pending on the property, you should advise the tenant to get it done before going on a vacation. Even a small leak in the tap can lead to a huge water loss in the long run. Using the best property management software helps you to keep track of all the maintenance work on the property.
  • Be careful with social media posts: You should advise your tenants to be cautious about putting social media posts about their vacation. If they make the post public, the chances are high that tech-savvy burglars might make the best use of the information.

Nowadays, almost all the property management companies use the best property management software to store data about their tenants. The property management software UAE helps property owners in keeping track of vacant houses. This ensures the safety of the property to a great extent.


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