How to Manage and Maintain Properties During UAE Summer?

Summer in UAE is hot and humid with the temperature hovering around 50 degrees. The sweltering heat, along with the dust storm typical during this season, makes summer life miserable in this desert land.

Properties bear the brunt of this hard weather as they are exposed to the harsh realities of nature. As such, proper management and maintenance of the properties gain utmost significance.

How to Take Care of the Properties During the UAE Summer?

If you are a property manager, you should ensure that the following maintenance work is carried out during the summer months.

  • Check the air conditioner: Without a properly working air conditioner, life during the summer months can be very difficult. Check the air conditioner in each property and clean the duct thoroughly. You should get the AC filter replaced where ever required. Replacing the filter will not only ensure that the air conditioner works properly throughout the summer months but also saves the energy bill.

Once the air conditioner of a property is checked, you can enter those details in the property management and maintenance software. This helps you in keeping track of the work completed and pending.

  • Check the smoke alarm: Smoke alarm is compulsory on all properties as per federal law. As such, you should ensure that the alarms in the properties are functioning correctly. Smoke alarm in every property should be thoroughly inspected, and repairs, if any, should be carried out. In the case of battery-operated alarms, you should get the battery replaced wherever required.  
  • Take pest control measures: Insects, especially houseflies, can be a nuisance during UAE summer. Check all the nook and corner of the property and ensure that there are no gaps through which the insects could enter the property. If needed, pest control treatment can also be done to ward off pesky creatures.

You can enter the details regarding the pest control measures taken along with the date in the property management software UAE. This helps in taking the corrective action at the right time the next year.

  • Maintain the garden: Not all plants can survive the harsh summer months of UAE. Even before the summer starts, you should replace the garden plants with those that can withstand the summer heat. You should also make sure that sprinklers are fixed at strategic locations so that the plants get enough water.

Whatever additional cost you have incurred for gardening can be entered in property management and maintenance software. This helps in proper accounting of the cost.

  • Clean the pool: If your property has a swimming pool, then before the summer splash you should get it cleaned. The warning and safety signs should be re-painted and kept in a prominent location. Those who are responsible for the regular upkeep of the pool should enter their work details in the property management software UAE.

Though the summer months in the UAE is harsh, managing the properties during these months is not a difficult task. Property management software UAE helps you in keeping a summer maintenance checklist and tracking all the maintenance work done on the property. This helps you take the necessary corrective action during the coming years.


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