How to Manage Properties, Rentals, and Maintenance for Landlords

Managing multiple properties at the same time is a challenging task. Rent collection and contract renewal of various tenants, their grievance redressal all need to be done with high precision. If you do not undertake property management the correct way, then it can even lead to a loss.

There are two ways you can manage the property in this situation. You can either outsource the entire task or manage the same on your own using rental property software for landlords.

Using rental property software for landlords makes your task easy by providing a single platform for all your property management activities. Here are a few ways you can manage using this software.

  • Issuing correct contracts: As a landlord, the first task you need to perform when you rent out a property is to draw the contract. Property management software Dubai has contract templates which help landlords to draw the contract with ease. Thus, you do not have to worry about missing the important terms and conditions while drawing a contract.
  • Reminding tenants of future rent payments: The software sends a rent reminder notification to the tenant through mail or SMS at the beginning of every month. Thus, there is little chance that the tenant will miss out on rent payment. You need not have to keep track of the rent due date for each tenant as the software automatically sends the notification.
  • Reminding tenants of contract renewing: As per the rental law of Dubai, the landlord should send contract renewal notification to the tenant at least 90 days before the contract expires.  Since the property management software UAE has the details of the agreement, it will automatically send the reminder to the tenant. Thus, the landlord need not keep track of the contract expiry date.
  • Renewing contracts on time: Once the tenant has decided to renew the contract, you can adjust the date in the software. Automatically, the software will generate a new agreement with the new terms and conditions.
  • Collecting payments on time: If any amount is due from the tenant other than rent, then that amount will also show up on the software. The software will then automatically send a reminder to the tenant for such payment.
  • Answering to maintenance requests: Tenants can raise requests on property management software Dubai for maintenance work. Once done, the landlord will be notified immediately, and quick and effective action can be taken.
  • Keeping track of maintenance personnel performance: The software helps you to assign the right task to the proper maintenance personnel. Once the maintenance work is done, you can enter the same in the software. If there is any delay in the work or if the work is held-up, the same can be tracked through the software, and necessary action can be taken.
  • Keeping track of maintenance expenses: If any maintenance work is done, which is beyond the scope of the regular work, then the same can be entered in the software along with the additional expense. This will be shown as ‘due’ from the tenant and can be recovered from them.

If you are looking for one such property management software UAE that can make your property management task easy, then OSOS would be the right choice. It helps you manage your property and the tenants in the most efficient manner.


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