Best Way to Manage Rentals and Property via a Software

Rental properties in the UAE is growing at a rapid rate. With the Dubai Expo 2020 slated to start a few months from now, the demand for rental property is expected to build up even more.

Managing the rental property and the tenants through the traditional paper and pen or excel sheet are no more feasible. This is where cloud rental management software comes into the picture.

What is Cloud Rental Management Software?

Cloud Rental Management software is a centralized system that lets you manage all aspects of rental property from any device and location. Thus, it is now possible to supervise a property in Dubai from your apartment in New York.

How to Use Rental Management Software for Property Management?

Cloud Rental Management Software helps you manage the property in the following ways

  • Store tenant details: The software helps you to store all the information about the tenant with utmost accuracy. Few of the data that you can store in the software are the personal details of the tenant, the number of people staying in the rented property, and the rent of the property. Details regarding the deposit collected, the lease start and end date, and the date of move in and move out can also be entered and stored in the software.
  • Track rental collection: Using rental management accounting software, you can monitor the various properties and the rent for each. You can track the total rent payable, the amount paid, and dues if any. Through proper rent tracking, you can contact the tenants on time and claim the unpaid dues.
  • Attend tenant complaints: All complaints and grievances raised by the tenant can be managed easily through Cloud Rental Management Software. The complaints can be registered in the software and assigned to the right staff without delay. Once proper action is taken on the complaint, you can enter the same in the software. Thus, the property management company can stay on top of the tenant’s requests.
  • Send notifications: The software sends notice to the tenant whenever required. Intimation regarding rent payment, contract renewal, or any issue in the contract can be sent to the tenant directly through email or messages. Thus, the property manager need not have to go through piles of paper to get the required details. 
  • Manage the expense and income: Through a rental property management accounting software, you can keep track of the total income and expenditure of the company for each property. The reports generated through this software helps the company to take decisions like reducing the expense, increasing the revenue, and how to deal with unpaid rent.
  • Manage the property: Rental management accounting software helps to streamline the operation of a real estate property. Whatever the size of the property, you can enter all the details about the same in the software.  Thus, even if there is a major renovation work going on in a property or a simple task like changing a leaky tap, all the expense related to the same can be entered in the software.

Property management is now made easy by the rental property management accounting software from OSOS.  This software helps you to keep up with the tenant, stay on top of their request, and manage the cash flow more efficiently. You can even lead an influential team most professionally with this software. The software is available in a variety of packages to suit the requirements of individual property owners as well as large businesses.   


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