A Cloud-based Property Management Solution

Manage properties smart with a one-stop platform that caters to individuals, agents and companies.

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Your easy-to-use self-managing software

From managing units, to managing maintenance to managing employees, this simplistic approach brings property management to the next level. Access our intuitive software anywhere in the world and make the most of each unit.

Fully responsive and integrated software

Harness the power of SaaS without extensive technological know-how. Made to seamlessly operate upon any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Android and iPhone compatibility makes managing properties possible wherever you go.

Features that allow properties to thrive

Tap property potential

A dynamic tool that streamlines operations of real estate no matter size or shape. Management of single apartments to lavish estates is a breeze as you accommodate the needs of any building down to the last detail.

Lead an influential team

Offering a database that houses the entirety of employee information and history. Deal with agencies or independent contractors with ease using a comprehensive log tracking scheduling, salary, visa status, and more.

Manage your cash-flow

Digitally balance your budget as payments weigh against the units you maintain with a simple click. Compose complex reports to illustrate building function, performance, and market trends in the area or beyond.

Start hedging expenses

Expense tracking, reporting, and management allow you to cut excess while balancing the books. Save money every day by pinpointing expenditures that may affect the overall financial success of each property.

Keep-up with tenants

Know when rent payments are due and contracts need updating using an organizer that puts everything in the palm of the hand. Names, personal information, contact details, and more are available at any time.

Stay on top of requests

Addressing tenant complaints and maintenance requests can be a burden when managing multiple properties. Log any incoming need, assign it to an appropriate agent or staff, and get it done quicker than before.

Create updates anytime

Generate a diverse range of reports to better understand the status of incomes, expenses, tickets, and units. An easy to navigate dashboard puts all this information and more within the reach of a finger.

Send essential reminders

Stay in touch with members of your network using a system that operates upon several mediums of communication. Email and SMS messaging keep your tenants aware of renewals, payments, and contract issues.

Mobile app for agents

Employees and agents taking care of maintenance will stay up to date with all incoming tickets with our unique mobile app

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Learn how to better control the day-to-day, month-to-month operations of any property. The following video will demonstrate the power and value found in this cloud-based property management system.


Each plan has it's own benefits and each comes with a 30 days trial.


Individuals or companies with up to 10 units

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Billed annually
or AED 120 billed monthly

Ideal for indiviuals or agents with few units to manage
Up to 10 Units, 5 Units included
Plus Icon

This plans include Five (5) Units. Extra Units (6-10) can be added for AED 15/Unit per month.

Up to 3 Agents/Staffs, 1 Agent/Staff included
Plus Icon

This plan includes One (1) Agent/Staff. Extra Agents/Staffs (2-3) can be added for AED 10/Agent/Staff per month.

Up to 50 open tickets
Online support support
Free 30 days trial
Add tenants newsletter for AED 50/m
Plus Icon

This plan doesn’t include Free Newsletters. Newsletter can be added for AED 50/month for 500 Emails/Month.

Add ticketing app for AED 30/m
Plus Icon

Ticketing App can be added to a package for AED 30/Agent/Staff per month.


Individuals or companies with higher number of units

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Billed annually
or AED 220 billed monthly

The complete platform to fully manage properties
Up to 120 units, 10 Units included
Plus Icon

This plans include Ten (10) Units. Extra Units (11-60) can be added for AED 12/Unit per month or Extra Units (61-120) can be added for AED 10/Unit per month.

5 Agents/Staffs included
Plus Icon

This plan includes Five (5) Agents/Staffs. Extra Agents/Staffs can be added for
AED 10/Agent/Staff per month

Unlimited tickets
Tenants newsletter with up to 1500/m
Access to ticketing app
Online support
On-location onboarding and setup*
On-location training*
Free 30 days trial**


Companies & organisations with higher number of units

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A tailored solution best for anyone with 120+ units
Unlimited units
Unlimited staff members
Unlimited tickets
Unlimited newsletters
Access to ticketing app
Priority online support
Dedicated account manager
On-location onboarding and setup*
On-location training*

*All on-boarding and training sessions take place after the demo period and a subscription of minimum 6 months is placed.

**Free trial doesn't include the on-boarding and training sessions.

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